Back again, the Overwatch Cool Master Invitational has a new ​plan​ of action.

Twelve lucky high schools with robotic programs will participate in the upcoming tournament. It's a chance of a lifetime for this ultimate esports event: The teams will battle until the bitter end for the prize.

The winner will walk away with a $40,000 prize pool that goes directly to their school's robotics program to help fund their future projects. 

Cooler Master, and others, will help support the event by organizing the fundraiser and free event for the teams and their supports and fans. 

If you can make it to downtown Orange County, CA, you can make it to the live event! There will be a free to play area, booths, raffles, and special guest appearances for those that watch and for those that go! 

Finally, don't forget: The event will be live on July 15-16 on Twitch! If you can't make it, go and watch it!