Joey "Jkw" Wavering announced that he would no longer be on Tempo Storm's active roster. While the reasoning remains a mystery, he announced that he is now looking for new opportunities with other organizations.

​This isn't to say he's parted ways with Tempo Storm, however, odds are that in the near future that may very well be the case.​

Jkw was known for playing the massive rectangle wielding fiend in Reinhardt before switching over to a support shot caller role for the team. Wherever his path takes him now hopefully he'll be able to play whatever role he feels most comfortable with and take it to great success.

​With Overwatch Contenders now being the center for everyone's competitive Overwatch fill time is of the essence for players to grind the game and climb the ranks. A part of Tempo Storm or not Jkw will continue to strive to be the best possible player he can.​

​Cover courtesy of Tempo Storm