The anticipation ever building, fans of professional Dota have one last hurrah to watch before The International 2017 commences in one month. 

Mars Dota 2 League 2017 has just started, and to an explosive group between some of the top teams in the pro scene. Featuring the likes of OG, Evil Geniuses, and Newbee, this Chinese LAN will be sure to entertain with high level Dota.

The first day had teams not exactly dominating, but to be sure some teams were doing better than others. With LGD Gaming going 3-0, EG and LGD.Forever Young going 2-1, the other teams faltered behind. 

However, OG managed to pull up their form and top the group in day two. Clutch Gamers, the qualified South East Asian team, is bottomed out going 1-6.

One thing to note about this tournament is the feeling that Evil Geniuses are either taking a lighthearted approach to this tournament, or using it to test some new drafts and gameplay. Featuring the likes of mid Pugna and a Storm Spirit buying Blink, viewers could be left feeling baffled at the mindset coming from EG.

As no surprise, three Chinese teams have have used their home court advantage to secure upper bracket placements against OG. The future is uncertain for just who will come out on top in this tournament.