​One of the more recent team formations coming into The International 2017, LGD's Forever Young division has had a meager amount of success over the past 3/4 of the year.

With a string of sub-par placements in the tournaments that they actually managed to qualify to, their debut was mired in mediocrity and didn't manage to imbue a sense of strength in the team. 

After a few roster changes in the beginning of 2017, the mediocrity continued, with numerous qualifier failures and a last place finish at the Dota Asia Championships 2017.

With the addition of Inflame and Ahfu in May, the team picked up slightly, managing first place in the qualifiers for EPICENTER 2017 and Mars Dota 2 League, which is currently ongoing. At EPICETER, the team managed to top their group, going 8-1 in the group stage.

Unfortunately, in the playoffs, they were promptly eliminated 0-2 by Team Liquid.

However, currently they are holding their own in MDL, going 4-3 in the group stage, managing to beat top Chinese teams such as ViCi Gaming, Newbee, and Invictus Gaming.

So perhaps their strength was late to bloom, and maybe going into The International, LGD.FY will manage to release a burst of top Dota skill in the coming months.