​Mei is one of the more survivable heroes in Overwatch, and in the right hands, she is likely the best character in the game when it comes to stalling an objective.

For lacking many mobility options, she's also surprisingly slippery. The following clip ​from Reddit showcases how a particularly clever Mei player escaped certain death:

Though Oasis' cars are known for their deadliness, it is possible to ride atop one using invulnerability-inducing abilities, such as Reaper's Wraith Form, Zenyatta's Transcendence, and Mei's Cryo-Freeze. Of the three, this method is surely the most difficult to pull off.

This Mei was particularly resourceful in the face of death, jumping off the vehicle at the middle of the map and grabbing a health pack, and finally erecting an Ice Wall to break the Bastion player's line of sight. You can't say the gamer wasn't thorough in ensuring their own survival.

Between the fast-moving cars on one side and the jump pad on the other, it can be difficult to secure kills on the City Center section of Oasis. This example is just a more impressive instance.