Twitch streamer, TimTheTatMan, is no stranger to over-dramatic reactions to minor things going wrong. If you have never seen the "chair incident," I suggest you ​click here and watch it for a good laugh over the ridiculousness of his reaction. ​

Well, in Tim's latest stream, he experienced quite a minor incident in a game of Overwatch, but for once, his reception of the incident was not an overreaction.  

​​Many Reinhardt players have been complaining about the bugginess of Hammer Down, after the latest fix changing the height of the ability.

Hammer Down has always been one of Overwatch's most bugged abilities, but the latest changes have exacerbated the problem. Luckily, Tim's stream managed to catch a very clear example of the ultimate not working correctly. Hopefully this clip makes it way over to Blizzard HQ.