​The official Overwatch panel at Anime Expo 2017 hosted several voice actors for heroes in the game, asking them various questions about their craft. Each voice actor at the panel was asked how they get into character before recordings or events. 

Although it may seem simple to recreate an impression or vocal style, each voice actor revealed more interesting methods of getting into character that involve reaching the same energy levels and mood of their characters.

Jonny Cruz, the voice of the upbeat Lucio, says that he tries to loosen his shoulders and pump himself up with movement and high energy levels until he can reach Lucio's level of excitement. However, he also commented that he feels a little bit of Zenyatta in himself because he meditates to get into his role as well.

Charlet Chung voices D.Va and said that she listens to pop music, especially K-pop bands like Girls Generation and brings confidence to her voice acting performance. 

She also admitted that she used to play other characters like Roadhog but is now exclusively a D.Va main in order to get into her character better.

Fred Tatasciore says that he has to calm himself down in order to voice Soldier: 76. He listens to music that Soldier: 76 might listen to, saying that his character would probably like jazz. 

He also listens to Johnny Cash as he believes it fits Soldier: 76 well. However, he mixes his own hardcore music like rap and metal in order to feel his inner badass before voicing the old soldier.

Anjali Bhimani does not listen to anything but "fills her mind's eye" with images to emulate the busy mind of Symmetra. She also poses similar to Symmetra and has a ready stance in order to add elegance to her voice performance.

Keith Silverstein has to build something to channel his inner Torbjorn voice. He tries to fix various things around the house, or build a complex figurine, to match the mechanic aspect of his character. 

Then the next day he breaks whatever he has built! He also admits that he grunts pseudo-Swedish phrases in his car as a way to get into character.

Although some of these responses seem borderline entertainment rather than honest habits to get into character, perhaps the methods to get into Overwatch characters have to be as eccentric as the characters themselves.

The full panel is available to ​watch on YouTube.

Cover photo and videos courtesy of YouTube