5 Incredible Winston Plays

When people think of a Play of the Game, their mind typically jumps to a DPS hero, leaping into the thick of combat and doling out ridiculous amounts of damage with a well-timed ultimate.

Winston, a tank with relatively low sustained damage, doesn't usually come to mind. But with well-timed leaps, a good understanding of his Tesla Cannon's damage output, and some environmental kills via Primal Rage, it's quite possible to pull off an epic Winston PotG.

5. Toss Them Down the Pit

Despite the small size of King's Row's pits, this Winston player is able to throw four opposing heroes into them with only a couple of swipes. Throwing Lúcio and Roadhog off immediately is one thing, but the gamer continues to strafe about before lining up the kill on an enemy Mei and Hanzo. Hanzo tries to climb out but fails.

4. Tanking Done Right

So many things go so well in this play. Between Primal Rage and a Nanoboosted Tesla Cannon, with a little help from teammates this gorilla tanks properly, securing the objective in what looks like a tough team fight. The player also pulls off some clutch leaps out of the King's Row pit.

3. Playing it Safe

No Winston play list would be complete without Gong "Miro" Jin Hyuk. Widely regarded as the world's best Winston player, Miro knows exactly how much risk is safe to take with Winston. 

Here we see the United States team in the Overwatch World Cup struggle to pin him down, enabling Miro to get three solid eliminations.

2. Into the Pit, Out of the Pit

This particularly brave Winston player chooses to follow their opponents off the ledge to make sure that Mercy doesn't latch onto anyone and save herself. While not a common occurrence, it's an effective and often necessary tactic, masterfully pulled off in this clip.

1. Goodbye Mercy

This play isn't just good, it's Miro good. Miro goes after the enemy team's Pharah-Mercy combo, singling out Mercy and slapping her in mid-air until she finally dies. Despite being so far off the map, Miro jumps right back into the arena to resume battling. 

What's more, this epic elimination occurred during Lunatic-Hai's match against Misfits in OGN Apex Season 2.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment