Pinch yourself all you want, but our dreams have finally came true if you didn't know by now.

Doomfist has hit the ​PTR and the hype around him is insane right now. His abilities range from being able to basically "Falcon Punch" a enemy hero to oblivion, to raining down what seems like a meteor strike down onto the enemy team with his gauntlet.

Now if you played Overwatch enough, you know that stacking your Ultimate with a teammate can be a easy yet effective strategy to wipe out an entire enemy team if you get it right. 

Well, it might get a little easier when you are playing Doomfist and you have a Zarya on your team. 

​​Thanks to YouTuber aleksi pulkka, we got to see for the first time an ultimate stack of Doomfist and Zarya. The Russian is known to be one of the best heroes to Wombo Combo with, but with the new Doomfist ult coming into play, he can easily be able to pound his fist right onto the enemies heads without them having anything to defend themselves with.

It's still early and changes can always be down to the PTR, but the combo of Doomfist and Zarya seems unstoppable right now.