Games are not new to leaks. People are always on the hunt, and when people make mistakes: it's the age of the Internet and people are quick to screencapture or use catches to locate the information. 

Reddit user ​trulyskeptical dropped a bombshell of information for Hearthstone players. 

In August, players will be able to use the 135 new cards with the Knights of the Frozen Throne against the final boss the Lich King.

Some New Cards

  • Terrifying Bear Sharks
  • Ridiculous Geists
  • Indigenous Tuskarr Ice Fisherman
  • Addition of Runic Magic

Players can take part in some of the Knights of the Frozen Throne for free or they can preorder the expansion for $49.99 with a complete bundle of 50 card packs and a special card back. ​

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