Overwatch's newest hero, Doomfist, has been revealed and is currently live on the test environment. The voice of the character came as a surprise to the community as, instead of fan favorite ​Terry Crews, the role instead went to acclaimed actor and theatre director, Sahr Ngaujah.

Whilst we've only seen a glimpse at Sahr's performance of the character in the teaser video, we can already get a taste of what his performance will bring to the character. Whilst his acting does not contain the loud charisma of Terry Crews', Sahr's voice brings a sense of experienced depth to the character and builds Doomfist as someone who has fought many battles and won.

​​More voice lines for the character, showcasing more of Sahr's performance, are expected to appear on the Public Test Region as part of Patch 1.13.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Broadway World