​OGN Apex has taken a bold move as they announced that they will not be inviting foreign teams to Season 4. This change also comes alongside the automatic invitation of the top five of APEX Challengers for the following season.

​​The decision to limit the invitations for Season 4 was brought upon by the schedule conflicts of Overwatch Contenders for both Europe and the Americas. Teams in these regions are expected to be busy preparing and playing in the Contenders League and will not have the time to participate in the event. 

The teams for the next Season of the OGN Apex tournament are: 

  • LW Blue
  • LW Red
  • Kongdoo Panthera
  • Kongdoo Uncia
  • Lunatic-Hai
  • Afreeca Freecs Blue
  • Conbox Spirit
  • Flash Lux
  • X6 Gaming
  • Runaway
  • MVP Space
  • Meta Athena
  • GC Busan
  • Rox Orcas
  • NC Foxes
  • Africa Freecs Red or Meta Bellium