​Though Doomfist has only been out in the Public Test Region of Overwatch for a day now, players eager to make practical use of him are already developing and sharing strategies and flank routes for the Talon leader.

He's another 'dive' DPS hero, with a bit of tanking to his name too. Being a melee character, it's important to surprise your opponents and close the gap quickly. Here's a few ways to do just that:

Ever had a problem with that final push on Watchpoint: Gibraltar? ​This ought to help out with that. No one expects to have to defend from that direction.

While this one takes a bit more skill to pull off, ​this Eichenwalde trick could be incredibly surprising for the defending team. It does abuse a typically stable physics engine however, so it may be fixed sooner rather than later, not unlike ​Genji's ledge-dash trick.

Doomfist's ability to exploit the physics engine mirrors Genji's initial release in a lot of ways. "Corner leaping" is already a thing, and it looks pretty versatile. All you have to do is find a corner and a slope, use Rocket Punch to ascend the slope, and the corner to cancel the animation, causing Doomfist to practically fly.

The Talon leader can even ​cross the gap between the spawn and the objective on Lijiang Tower's Night Market. Even heroes like Tracer and Genji can't pull that off.

There's sure to be more flank routes discovered as time goes on – this was all discovered by Overwatch community after just one day with Doomfist. Stay tuned!

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment