​It's time to cash in some memes. While it's not Star Guardian Urgot, and Yorick doesn't have a skin yet, the new ​Urgot rework is finally here!

Urgot, the Dreadnought, was bound in chains and forced to be a slave in Zaun's mines. The pain drove him and made him who he is today. It made him a masochist and now he seeks to destroy the leaders of Zaun. 

To him, there are no rulers. Only survivors.

His passive looks similar, although it works differently now. The legs do not move with Urgot and works similar to Fiora's passive if you want to utilize it to its fullest ability. 

The Q remains the same AOE, except with more flare as it explodes towards the end. 

Urgot's new W turns him into a machine gun, as he stacks his passive Echoing Flames onto enemies that are locked onto. While his speed will decrease, it may be worth considering the attack speed on this ability.

Disdain, his E, is now a gap closer. He runs into the pointed direction, and if he hits a champion, he will stop, grab them, and throw them onto the other side of him.

Finally, his ultimate! It is not the same suppression that he was known for, although his ultimate does suppress nonetheless. He fires a Hexdrill, locks into them, slows them, and if they fall below a certain health, it can be recast. If they are executed, the ultimate terrifies all nearby enemies. 

I don't know about you, but I'm terrified of this new Urgot. It sounds like a new instant ban, especially when people learn to play him.