​With a post on their official website, the ownership of Selfless Gaming have announced that they will be leaving the organization in order to pursue different opportunities, leaving the organization without any head.

Selfless Gaming has been a part of the American esports scene since Feb. 2016. They have been involved in different games including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, OverwatchSuper Smash Bros Melee, Rocket League, and Killer Instinct.

Selfless Gaming will be looking for new owners to take hold of the organization and applications of interest to take over the brand. In the meantime, Selfless Gaming have had to make some decisions about their current rosters across the different games.

Their Rocket League team has been successfully sold to another anonymous organization, whilst their Overwatch team was unable to be sold due to the large scale of other organizations dropping their Overwatch rosters. Their Killer Instinct and Melee players are now all free agents.

The owners have thanked their fans for their unconditional support and have asked them to continue supporting the players who have spent time with Selfless, no matter where they might land.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Selfless