​Jeff Kaplan is the face of the Overwatch development team and does an amazing job of communicating with the Overwatch community about everything the game entails.

One topic that often comes up is the issue of character balancing and how it affects the ever shifting meta of Overwatch

Deciding to give the community his own thoughts on the current state of character balance, Jeff Kaplan wrote a very lengthy ​post on a forum thread talking about how Overwatch's update and balancing cycle is very slow and that the dive meta needs to go.

One big takeaway from Kaplan's post is that he believes that Overwatch is currently balanced.

"What I mean is that I don’t feel like there are any heroes who are way too strong to the point of breaking balance."

He does mention that he believes there are certain heroes who have problems he is not happy with, such as Roadhog's current position and Mercy's resurrect being too powerful. 

Kaplan then moves on to explain that he believes the real issue that players are having is that the meta does not change as frequently as they would like. His main three points to this are that heroes should not be balanced just to make them picked more or less, meta shifting should occur because of players innovation and that he does not believe Overwatch should have a pick or ban system, as he thinks Overwatch allows you to be creative with character choices and shouldn't force you to be creative. 

The post also gives us insight to Kaplan's view on the current dive meta, the intent of character balancing and how changing the meta just for the sake of change is not the right idea. 

Even if you do not agree with Jeff Kaplan on these issues, you have to admire his passion for the game we all love.