3 Awesome Doomfist Team Comps

As previously discussed, Doomfist is the game's first true Off-Tank  and as such his playstyle will look to dramatically change the way Overwatch players think about their team compositions going into battle.

As a general note, Doomfist's main goal is to start the fight, be disruptive and look to finish the fight as quickly as possible with as many enemy causalities as possible. 

3. The Long Arm of the UnLawful

Team Comp: Doomfist, McCree, Orisa, Reinhardt, Any Defense (Except Mei), Mercy

If you're looking to use Doomfist as an effect flanker, you need a solid front line that can hold their own. McCree will be the X factor here as the team will be looking for him to pick off enemies while Doomfist wrecks havoc on the front line. His Flashbang will also be key to land to optimize damage. 

Good for any Defense.

2. The New Dive Comp

Team Comp: Doomfist, Sombra, Reaper, Winston, Ana, Zenyatta 

This composition calls for pure aggression. A new take on the Dive Comp that will hit harder, have options to mitigate counters in Sombra, and options to keep teammates alive from a safe distance. 

Good for Assault Maps and Payload movement.

1. The Standard

Team Comp: Doomfist, Any Offense or Defense, Reinhardt, Zarya, Mercy, Lucio

This will probably be the standard composition with Doomfist, especially with the Zarya + Doomfist combo ultimate making waves. Doomfist's aggression will be determined by who he has on the offense or defensive side of him.