Justin "Wizzrobe" Hallett has had a meteoric rise in Melee, showing that he is capable of having close sets with The Five Gods of Melee. He is now one of the youngest Melee professionals in the competitive scene. Yet he has remained a free agent despite his high placings.

That may change very soon, if a Twitter exchange between The Scar and Toph Show and Florida Fox main Danny "UUAA" Diaz proves true. The exchange began with a post about Melee's newest free agents, Joey "Lucky" Aldama and Hugo "HugS" Gonzalez. Wizzrobe was included on the list but UUAA quickly replied that Wizzrobe would be announcing his sponsor very soon.

​​The claim is fairly credible as of now, since UUAA and Wizzrobe are from the same region, Florida. According to UUAA, some people (probably in Florida as well) already know which team has picked up Wizzrobe. 

UUAA does not know which team, as it is most likely a well-guarded secret between Wizzrobe and his sponsor until the official announcement. UUAA said that he is just as excited as anyone to hear about the new team for Wizzrobe.

The classic "Wizzrobe has no sponsor" joke may end very soon. EVO starts next weekend so an official announcement is only a few days away. That also means that Team Free Agent is going to need a new poster child.

cover photo courtesy of Youtube