Supe rHipp0 on Reddit has created a custom Legendary neutral minion that’s all about efficiency and preventing waste. If you’ve ever hesitated to use lifesteal just because you’re already topped off at max health, this card will help make the decision easy.


Armor Binder Zek’Theran is a 4/5, 4-drop legendary neutral whose ability is to give you armor instead of health when you lifesteal. This card could prove to be highly functional in situations with armor stacking warriors, or where your lifesteal spells would be otherwise wasted due to being at full health. 

Armor Binder Zek’Theran is also quite strong for a four mana cost card and so even if you have no use for armor or aren’t running any lifesteal in your deck, he’s still a worthwhile asset to keep in your deck based on his stat lines alone.

It’s honestly quite surprising there isn’t a similar ability in the official Hearthstone collection since it’s a pretty common mechanic in most other card games with lifesteal, so that makes this card particularly appealing with its novelty.