3 Reasons Why Overwatch Needed Doomfist

Doomfist has been the Overwatch community's most anticipated hero since the game's launch. Excitement and Speculation about this hero have been nonstop, and now that he is finally here, we can see exactly why, here's the top three reasons that Overwatch needed Doomfist.

3. Backstory

​Overwatch's lore is as rich as it is lacking.  We know very little about the world that this game takes place in, particularly the illusive organization Talon. 

With Doomfist, we've learned a bit more about this terrorist group, particularly that Doomfist himself is not only a member, but a part of their council of leaders. What little we've seen of Talon so far has frequently been failed missions on the part of Reaper, so it's very exciting to see what direction Doomfist takes them and the story.

2. He's a Melee Hero

Overwatch has a fantastically diverse cast of characters, each with their own very unique play style, but nearly every single one of them is ranged. 

Doomfist's introduction mixes things up a bit, as all of his attacks, excluding his primary fire, are melee abilities. Doomfist is built to be in the heart of the fray, and with a roster of characters designed to fight mostly from a distance, it will be interesting to see where he fits into things.

1. Reinhardt

​Everyone's favorite tank, and a popular pick at nearly all levels of play. It's hard to go even a couple games without seeing one, due to his low difficulty and reliability. Though Doomfist has only been on the PTR for a couple days now, it looks like that he will be giving Reinhardt a hard time. 

He can completely ignore Reinhardt's barrier as he charges right through it, and even knock Reinhardt out of his own charge. I doubt we've seen the end of Reinhardt, but at the very least, Doomfist has given him something else to worry about.