Overwatch competitive season five is a bit of an odd one. Despite embodying one of the most wholesome and enjoyable metas the game has seen in a while, a quick look at any Overwatch forum will reveal ​a lot of people encountering issues related to toxicity.

Gamers who pick only one hero have acquired an acronym – "OTPs," or one-trick players. Many of them throw matches left and right when they don't get their choice of character, and there seems to be a higher case of players flat-out refusing to play tank or support.

The above video by ​Sir Swag sums up the issue succinctly: Nearly two-thirds of the hero roster are damage-dealers, and the other third are for team players. Those team players aren't immune to fatigue and low morale, and their role becomes particularly un-fun after being forced to play the same two or three heroes over and over again.

Meanwhile, the DPS mains can basically enjoy playing 16/25 of the current characters on the roster. After all, who doesn't like to score eliminations?

As if being limited from a roster numbers standpoint alone weren't bad enough, playing a responsible tank or healer in the dive meta doesn't tend to be very rewarding. With DPS players in the limelight, it can feel as if it's impossible to score eliminations without their help unless you're playing Zenyatta, who is basically a hybrid DPS-Support.

With all this in mind, the addition of Doomfist is seriously questionable. Blizzard was faced with a lose-lose situation: Release a different hero and incur the wrath of the innumerable players clamoring for Doomfist, or go forward with the Talon leader and throw DPS mains yet another bone, leaving dedicated tanks and supports out to dry.

The current meta doesn't cater to flex players. Choosing a tank or healer shouldn't seem like a noble and selfless act – it should be just as enjoyable as picking a DPS, but right now the categories suffer from a serious lack of variety.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment, Sir Swag