​An absolutely awe-inspiring day of Counter-Strike took place today as we saw SK Gaming and Cloud9 plunge ahead to the ESL One: Cologne finals with their amazing plays, closing off both series 2:0.

Cloud9 barely blew past Na'Vi in both matches, with only a five-round difference separating the two maps. We saw some fantastic plays from Mike "shroud" Grzesiek and Landislav "GuardiaN" Kovács today coming up with several clutch plays to make the games interesting, but ultimately the NA team plunged forward.

SK gaming blew FaZe out of the water in the first map, securing the match easily with a 16-4 win over the international team. 

On Cache though, we saw a strong comeback from FaZe that lasted throughout the map. One of the most intense games of Counter-Strike I've ever seen was in the second map, where so many amazing plays were thrown out on both sides, but ultimately SK pulled ahead in overtime. 

This leaves SK gaming left to play against Cloud9 on Sunday in the finals. 

Photo courtesy of ESL