​Mobalytics, a performance analytic tool for competitive gamers and professional players, has released an in-depth matchup video featuring popular champions Riven and Yasuo that explains the best ways to win either side of the matchup.

The matchup analysis explains the best times to engage against the enemy Riven or Yasuo, what abilities to look out for, and the combos you should pull off in order to maximize your damage output.

The video explores in extreme detail the different scenarios that you may face whilst in lane and goes through each procedure step-by-step in an easy to follow guide. Even if you're just looking to expand your proficiency with either of these champions, this video will teach you a new trick or two.

So the next time your team tells you that Yasuo loses lane to Riven, watch this video and remind them why you are the best Silver V Yasuo player in the world.