​Pharmercy terrorizing the skies, dive comps being everywhere, and Mercy picking up Play of the Game without even being in the same room as her team - Overwatch's meta has never looked more shabby and chaotic than it does now. 

Despite this, head designer Jeff Kaplan says that the game is balanced. Many would say that this is wishful thinking on Blizzard's part, or that the game can never truly be balanced. However, I find myself inclined to agree with Jeff on this point. 

Sure, dive is the number one comp to run at the moment and we're seeing the least diverse meta in Overwatch's history. However, this isn't necessarily a bad thing - it just means that players are gravitating towards something they think is overpowered. 

And naturally, the more people gravitate towards one style of play, the more important it becomes to do anything else. If everyone is running dive, it becomes much easier to develop - and win with - an anti-dive comp. Triple tank comps got their start in a similar fashion, so it's not too far off to suggest that it could happen again. 

Individual hero balance is also in a fantastic place. Every member of the roster has their own strengths, weaknesses, and a reason to be picked - there's no character that absolutely, one-hundred percent invalidates another hero. Soldier: 76 has reliable DPS and utility with Biotic Field, McCree has burst damage and Flashbang's stopping power, and Pharah has high impact rockets and mobility, but all of them have a reason to be picked and reasonable counters. 

It might be too much to say that Overwatch is perfectly balanced - the designers are still human, after all - but it's tough to say that Overwatch isn't in a healthy spot. The meta will even out, as it always does, and we'll be right back to where we were prior to the start of Season 5. 

Image courtesy of GameSpot