​Life's tough when you're Torbjörn. No one likes you, your turrets get blown up in a heartbeat, and no one notices your contributions to the team. Even when you're getting focused down by two enemy heroes, no one bothers to come back you up. 

It's in these scenarios where Torbjörn must use every little advantage he can find - especially if it's something completely unexpected. 

Low on health, running out of scrap, and with a Zarya and Doomfist chasing him, our Torb needed a miracle to survive. Fortunately, the game took pity on him and somehow rolled him up and over Doomfist to land on the doorway. Apparently, it's just wide enough for a Torb to stand on - and amazingly enough, the enemy heroes don't notice him standing up there. 

I'd be willing to bet Torb stayed up there for a long, long time afterwards catching his breath. After such a close call, I wouldn't blame him.