​Albert "A Rookie" Suafa is considered the best Mario player in Melee. Mario mains are rare enough that most players have no experience fighting against the plumber at a high level  and that means most people have no clue how to get out of Mario's combos, let alone grasp his combo potential.

Mario is known as a stubbier Captain Falcon because of the similarity of their moves, movement, and combos despite having a shorter range. A Rookie shows his combo knowledge against Harriet "iluvcrispix" Turner at Function [3], in the clip below.

​​After a heavy read with Mario's F-smash, A Rookie sets himself up for a bit of freestyle. He starts a combo with a fair to a grab, then throws Sheik onto the platform above. He reads the tech-in-place with yet another fair and grab, and if that wasn't ridiculous enough, he throws downward and leads into two up-airs. 

An instant up-tilt sends Sheik upwards, two bairs sends Sheik off of the stage, and one more bair cleans up the stock, forcing iluvcrispix to miss Randall by a few pixels.