Svenskeren's Top Performances on Lee Sin

Team SoloMid's jungler, Dennis "Svenskeren" Johnsen, feels most at home on Lee Sin. He has proven time and time again why teams should be banning Lee against him, and yet teams still make the mistake of leaving the champion open. Here are three great plays of Svenskeren's Lee Sin.

3. TSM vs UOL Rift Rivals 2017

The first play and what inspired this article is Svenskeren's Baron steal during the second game against EU's Unicorns of Love during Rift Rivals. This is just one of many Baron steals Sven has been able to secure for his team with Lee Sin.

2. TSM vs SSG Worlds 2016

During the group stage of Worlds 2016, TSM took a dominating win against the LCK's Samsung Galaxy. A major part of this was due to Svenskeren's ability to be everywhere on the map and create opportunities for his laners. In this play, Sven is able to kick back the enemy jungler back into his team, leading to TSM getting three kills and Baron. 

1. TSM vs C9 Spring Split 2017

This play shows just how well Sven understands this champion's ability. In the deciding game against Cloud9 in the finals of the 2017 Spring Split, every kill matters. That's why when Svenskeren and teammate Kevin "Hauntzer" Yarnell find Kled caught out, it's important that they lock down the kill.