In dominating fashion, Team SoloMid earned North America bragging rights as they swept through Unicorns of Love 3-0. The European team released a statement acknowledging their shortcomings and giving hope for the future

Coming into the tournament, European teams were highly favored, especially Fnatic, who leads the European LCS. G2 Esports, given their past regional dominance and their performance at MSI, was also expected to perform. Unicorns of Love had perhaps the least expectations on their shoulders.

Nevertheless, the team felt that they, as well as the other European teams, did not show up, "We failed, we all failed: Fnatic, G2 Esports, Unicorns of Love."

They went on to state that TSM's victory was no fluke. "We sucked. It's important to acknowledge how strong they were. This game is fair: we lost because of us."

Unicorns of Love weren't deterred by this loss and took it as an eye-opening experience. Rift Rivals had no ramifications on any future international tournaments, so it was a good place to play and to learn.

"It's better to lose now than getting crushed during Worlds Group Stage," said the Unicorns.

Of course, before Worlds, they still have the Summer Split to worry about. They admit that they're far from the best team at the moment, but reassure fans that they know how to get back on track.

Image courtesy of Unicorns of Love