One of the great things about all Smash games is the free-form nature of the game and wide array of character archetypes that allow you to express yourself through the game.

From watching the way he edgeguards, it seems as though Gonzalo "ZeRo" Barrios only takes the most calculated of risks. Instead of going for the high-risk, high-reward options that might net him an early stock, he will typically just trap you at the ledge and slowly tack on damage.

There are exceptions, though.

And one of those exceptions was how ZeRo decided to finish out game one against Ishiguro "Raito" Tetsuya. After a skirmish around the ledge and then for stage control, ZeRo scoops up the best Duck Hunt in the world with two quick fairs before following him offstage with a bair.

Not done yet, ZeRo jumped off the ledge, Monkey Flipped over towards Raito, double jumped over Raito's defensive can, and made the poor Duck Hunt no more with a ruthless dair.

ZeRo wanted to win the set and was willing to do everything he could to do so.