As players are working more and more to get their names out there, it's not rare to see up-and-comers have lesser known organizations listed as their sponsors. It's a way to help them get out to events and not too much more.

However, it's basically unheard of for a top Smash player to join a startup organization on faith that they'll be able to hold up their promises. And yet, it's happened.

As brand new esports organization beastcoast launched on July 9, they announced that they were sponsoring both top Smash Wii U Sheik main Ramin "Mr. R" Delshad and top Melee Fox Michael "Mike Haze" Pulido.

It's a big and sudden move for a startup organization, but certainly, a big way to kick things off.

In response to Mr. R's own tweet on the new sponsorship, Elliot "Ally" Carroza immediately informed Mr. R that he was worried about a top 10 player signing with a new organization with no proven credibility. Mr. R, however, has full faith in his new sponsor.

Instead of just a tweet to prove his faith in beastcoast, Mike Haze opted to disclose his reasons for joining the new team in a TwitLonger. In it, he says that the owner of the organization is "highly motivated and has done... more... for me than I can say has been done for me in the past from others I've worked with."

Worrying certainly won't do any good in this case and both players have been around for a while. We simply need to trust them and hope for the best.

Image courtesy of  beastcoast