Genesis: Red has now concluded and many players and internet pitchforks have been up in arms regarding the lack of attendance of players like Adam "Armada" Lindgren and William "Leffen" Hjelte.

Leffen took to Twitter to explain why he wasn't in attendance and how the assumption that he'd be attending misled the masses.

Leffen explained that he never intended to enter singles from the get-go but a misunderstanding from the Genesis team lead to an assumption that he'd be partaking. While Leffen did indeed plan on attending he never stated he'd be entering singles but such was assumed.

He then goes on to explain how he wanted to focus on teams because the FUSE doubles circuit is ending and he needed to get his fix of experience.

Playing in the tournament isn't the best way to practice. Leffen explains that getting to experiment in friendlies and taking breaks whenever is infinitely better than playing a few sets over the span of several hours.

Regardless of his lack of attendance at Genesis: Red, Leffen will be at EVO and several other tournaments this summer. So if you're one of the people disappointed, worry not as there's plenty of Leff to come.

Cover photo courtesy of Leffen's Twitter