It's almost difficult to believe that after years of waiting and memes, Urgot's rework is finally upon us. This also means that players will be flocking to play him while having little to no idea of what to do. To combat that, let's take a moment to speculate how the new Urgot might fit into the game.

In case you missed it, Urgot's kit is completely different from before, so much so that even Urgot mains will have to relearn it. And with a new kit, comes a new playstyle.

For starters, where will the Dreadnought be played? Let's take his kit into consideration to figure that out. His abilities require him to play at a low to medium range, which by itself already makes him less of a candidate for mid and AD carry.

His tankiness, tank shred with passive autos, and engage potential with his ult and E make him seem well suited for top lane. It's a little less likely that he'd be a jungler. Though his clear could be good with his area of effect passive procs, his lock on doesn't apply to monsters, and he doesn't have much mobility or utility - especially if his E doesn't go over terrain.

Damage numbers and many ability details have yet to be released, so it's difficult to make any conclusions. Still, his kit hints towards a bruiser playstyle, as he does the most damage when he is able to move around an enemy.

As such, buffs to movement like Ghost and Boots of Swiftness, or items with slows like Iceborn Gauntlet or Frozen Mallet, may come in handy so that he can utilize those leg attacks. 

He's also going to need health to survive being so close range, and some damage to augment his shredding capabilities. Black Cleaver comes quickly to mind, as well as Sterak's Gage. Guardian Angel could make for a good defensive option.

Given all that, I'd expect Urgot to be quite the lane bully, especially against melee tanks. Carries and split pushers are quite common now, and if he will be able to match them, he could definitely be used for split pushing. Otherwise, he'll probably be best in a pick or otherwise engage-heavy team composition.

Again, though, much of this depends on his damage numbers. Time will tell whether he'll be broken or ineffective.

Image courtesy of League of Legends

Video courtesy of SkinSpotlights and OP Guide