Right before the July 10 soccer game between Virtus.pro and SK Gaming's CS:GO teams began, SK Gaming put out a little video showing off Marcelo "coldzera" David's soccer skills.

The idea behind it was almost certainly an intimidation tactic. If the members of VP had been checking Twitter before going out to the match and had happened to see the skills that coldzera wields, the mental damage would have been intense.

But, how good is cold, really?

The answer is... he's obviously practiced a bit, but he's still a CS:GO pro and not a soccer player. The bit of mechanical skill he has around the ball is certainly good, but it might not be too useful on the field unless he has more tricks up his sleeve.

You see, it all comes down to ball control. You can do the coolest stuff possible off the field, but if you can't pass the ball to teammates, keep it from opponents, and shoot goals well, it doesn't matter.