3 Small Nerfs That Doomfist Needs

It's only been four days since Doomfist rocket punched his way into the Overwatch PTR, and the internet is already rife with nerf suggestions for Overwatch's cybernetic brawler. After spending some time with the character, here are three reasonable nerfs that I think could help balance Doomfist.

3. Hand Cannon Damage

For those who may not know how Doomfist works, he's got a shotgun in his gauntlet that fires a blast of six shots, with each shot doing 11 damage per shot; making a maximum of 66 damage per blast. The damage on Doomfist's hand cannon seems rather high given his purpose as a combo-driven melee hero. Giving his hand cannon some damage falloff, like Reaper/Roadhog's shotguns would ensure Doomfist players play him to his full potential.

2. Rocket Punch Cooldown

Doomfist's rocket punch is probably his most iconic move, and there's good reason for it. Punching someone into a wall is not only fun, but extremely satisfying. However, Doomfist's rocket punch allows him extreme mobility, allowing him to surf around the map at high speeds. Raising the cool down of his rocket punch would allow Doomfist to get around, but not too fast.

1. Meteor Strike Telegraph

Meteor Strike is Doomfist's ultimate and it allows him insane amounts of burst damage on an area; a whopping 300 damage in the center. Abilities that allow for this much damage at once are scary, and because of that scariness, they need to be reigned in. As it stands, the telegraph for meteor strike feels a bit too late for me. It doesn't allow for a lot of counter-play as it stands, and I think showing the impact radius to the enemy team for just a bit longer would go miles for balancing.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard