With the long-awaited soccer match between Virtus.pro and SK Gaming finally coming to a close, it left SK Gaming another $100k richer, effectively doubling their earnings from the trip to Cologne.

Although the game displayed a level of athleticism and teamwork far below that of professional soccer, it was all around fun to watch. Here's how the game went down.

The first half of the game was rather sloppy for both sides, with all three goals being scored in consecutive minutes and leaving SK Gaming down 2-1. However, SK Gaming wasn't too put off about it and held confidence that they would show up in force for the second half of the game.

Moreover, SK Gaming proved themselves rather analytical while explaining the singular goal that they scored in the first half, detailing how it was VP's goalie preferred to block the ball and noting that they intentionally shot around it.

With the team prepped and warmed up for the second half of the game, they set out towards victory.

Although VP scored again before SK could, the second goal the Brazilians scored was courtesy of good awareness by Marcelo "coldzera" David. Although the first goal attempt didn't work out, he happened to be in an excellent goal-scoring position afterward and took the shot immediately.

A little later, coldzera was able to score yet again for SK Gaming as he tied up the match at 4-4 with just three minutes left on the clock.

Especially so late in the game, it was pretty much next goal wins.

Rather fittingly, it was SK Gaming's CEO, Alexander "TheSlasH" Müller who scored what ended up being the game-winning goal for SK. He saw the position that he was in relative to the goalie and the ball and just kicked in a singular clean goal to end it all in favor of SK Gaming.

There was only one yellow card throughout the game and very little dirty play overall. It was just a fun match to watch, especially when both teams picked it up in the second half.