2GGC: ARMS saga was the latest installment in a series of themed tournaments run my the 2GG staff. ARMS saga featured various Little Mac mains being flown out to the prestigious Esports Arena as well as an ARMS tournament held alongside Smash.

Surprising to many, despite having the world reigning champ Gonzalo "ZeRo" barrios in attendance, he was unable to walk out the victor the tournament. Instead Samuel "Dabuz" Buzby held an impressive run, taking out the reigning champ and all of his personal demons.​​

Dabuz's journey was an extremely steep one. He had to get past the likes of Ryu warrior Mason "Locus" Charlton which ended in a close 3-2 set, to then square off against Ryuto "Ranai" Hayashi just to qualify for top eight.

​And of course once he made it that far the competition didn't get any easier. He had to slay another demon in Rei "Komorikiri" Furukawa to make it to winners finals where ZeRo was slain.

ZeRo didn't fall with ease, however, causing Dabuz t​​o defeat him again after a neck and neck bracket reset. ZeRo has proven to have struggles fighting Rosalina in the past and Dabuz has finally gotten the win he's craved for so long.

Cover photo courtesy of Dabuz's Twitter