As Rift Rivals came to a close with a surprising NA victory, it's important to reflect on the event and how it affected the League of Legends competitive scene for the better. 

Rift Rivals allowed for a very entertaining event while still being extremely competitive, showing off the best that each region had to offer. As well, it helped eliminate some of the fatigue that some League lovers have towards seeing the same pool of teams at Worlds each year.

I fondly remember keeping up with the #NAWIN vs. #EUWIN poll through the early hours, watching it trade back and forth. When #NAWIN finally broke through as the winner, I felt really excited! Little polls and interactive moments might not seem like much at first glance, but they can help make the community feel like a genuine part of the experience.

Earlier I mentioned fatigue when it came to team variety. Rift Rivals allowed people to see their favorite teams face off against teams that they may not have watched before. 

The event also allows teams like TSM a chance at some glory, which the above tweet showcases. This allows someone to root for their favorite teams while being shown new teams, thus increasing their knowledge of competitive League. 

All in all, Rift Rivals gave the competitive scene a much needed breath of fresh air, as well as giving the community increased understanding and participation.

Cover photo courtesy of Lolesports