​The new HLTV ranks shifted around a lot after ESL One Cologne 2017 ended. We saw dramatic changes in positions for almost all of the teams below SK, FaZe, Astralis and G2. This usually happens after premier events take place, with this time being no different. What was most surprising about this set of ranks though was Cloud9 skyrocketing up the leaderboard.

Cloud9 punched a hole in the face of the tournament and flew up to hold the fifth position on the list, with Na'Vi trailing behind them with 132 points below their 427 points. 

This is significant because the shift pushes them far ahead of all other NA teams, solidifying their spot as the best team in NA. This also places distance between them and all other professional teams outside of the big four powerhouses.

​​Some argue that the path for Cloud9 to this position was paved with easy teams, but I'd argue that with the way they came out, they were prepared to take on just about anything that stood in their way. That is, until the Brazilians showed up in the finals.

Is C9's ranking an accurate reflection of their skill compared to other NA teams? Absolutely. Is Cloud9 performing at a level above everyone below them? That can be debated, but overall, they deserve the position they've earned. We'll see if they bring this same passion to the PGL Krakow Major.