​Cooldown E-Sports n' Burgers is a Brazilian pub with one mission in mind: to create fantastic gaming experiences for esports fans across Curitiba, the capital and largest city of Brazil. 

Footage of the final play of ESL One Cologne 2017 caught the rising tensions in the Brazilian crowd, as eyes were glued to the screen as SK swept through Cloud9's B-rush. Each kill was met with a small cheer, but until the final three kills closed the round, the entire bar was mostly silent. Finally, when the monumental play concluded the tournament, we hear the entire bar erupt into excitement:

Esports is celebrated for these moments of greatness and camaraderie. A sense of brotherhood and mutual appreciation for the growing sport was shared among everyone in the crowd that night, as SK took home the trophy. 

Brazilians everywhere now share the pride of knowing SK Gaming rest comfortably as the best team in the world.

Photo courtesy of Cooldown E-Sports n' Burgers