Knockoffs of Riot's League of Legends have been on the rise, and for a long time, Riot was quiet about it. That changes now, as Riot filed a lawsuit against the company Shanghai Moontoon Technology for producing multiple ripoffs of the popular MOBA.

Before filing a lawsuit, Riot tried to contact the company about the notable similarities between the games. Small changes to the game were made, but it was still an obvious copy. After being ignored when trying to settle the issue directly, Riot chose to move forward with a lawsuit. 


​In April of this year, a League of Legends YouTuber, MagikarpUsedFly, made a video where he played a few League knockoffs. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, a game created by Shanghai Moontoon Technology, was one of the games he tried.

​​Immediately, it is clear that this is a ripoff of League. Champions, abilities, graphics, and even sounds seem like they were taken straight from Riot. 

It's nice to see Riot finally cracking down on this problem but there are still other knockoffs out there. Will Riot go after those as well?