Already known in the Overwatch community for crafting Genji's Dragonblade several months back, Man at Arms: Reforged has done it again. This time they have crafted a very real, steel Roadhog Hook.

The process looks long and excruciating. Particularly challenging is forming all of the sharp bends and angles in the hook. See for yourself:

It's ironic this creation should come at such a time when Roadhog players are still in recovery from Blizzard severely nerfing his ability to hook and one-shot combo. Game director Jeff Kaplan has even stated he's "not entirely satisfied with where [Roadhog is] at right now."

Better late than never, though. As with all Man at Arms: Reforged videos, the blacksmiths prove themselves to be as knowledgeable as they are skilled. According to them, Roadhog's Hook is based on what was called a 'man catcher' in medieval times.

Like the hog's hook, it was not intended to kill, but to dismount horseback riders and keep them helpless. As a situational and nonlethal weapon, the history of the man catcher is hardly common knowledge, and it goes to show that the creators of Overwatch – and the blacksmiths of Man at Arms: Reforged – did their research.


The only similar weapon that is employed today is the sasumata by Japanese riot police. It lacks spikes and is considerably safer. If only Genji carried a sasumata for crowd control purposes.

On a serious note, Overwatch could use more crowd control abilities. Just throwing it out there, Blizzard.

Photo courtesy of Man at Arms: Reforged