The patch notes are out thanks to Reddit user Arkentass and Blizzard has released all the juicy details regarding what's to come!

​​If you're not feeling up to reading all of the Patch notes, here are a few details of note!

Knights of the Frozen Throne's 50 card packs and Frostmourne card back is on pre-purchase for $49.99. They will appear in-game, and the card packs can be opened when the expansion is released in August. 

Balance Update

  • The Caverns Below is now Quest: Play five minions with the same name. Reward: Crystal Core.
  • The Caverns Below can be disenchanted for a full Arcane Dust Value until July 24. 


  • Class minions are 100% more common than neutral cards
  • Class Spells and Weapons are now 175% more common than neutral cards
  • Journey to Un'Goro cards received a 50% increase in appearance
  • Flamestrike, Abyssal Enforcer, and Vicious Fledgling will make fewer appearances as they've halved their drop rates
  • Popular cards had a small 1-5% change in drop rate to address balance concerns
  • There is a list of cards unavailable in the arena presently
  • The following minions are now Elementals: Jade Spirit, Djinni of Zephyrs, Flame of Azzinoth, Mana Geode, and Hallazeal, the Ascended.

You'll have to check the patch notes if you want the list of cards that are unavailable in the area as it is rather lengthy.