The EU-NA Rift Rivals was all the hype for those that cheered for fan favorite teams like Team SoloMid, Cloud9, and Fnatic. Everyone gave it their all, and every game was worth watching. 

​However, that aside, let's discuss Fnatic's performance at the event. They had their ups and downs. They were EU's glimmering hope, and surprisingly, they did not make it to the finals; however, that does not mean they did not perform well. 

Drafting: C

Fnatic's unusual picks and mentality to forgo the meta is part of their charm as it's won them game after game during the 2017 EU LCS Summer Split. However, not only did they disregard champions NA favors heavily, like LeBlanc for Nicolaj "Jensen" Jensen, but their champion pool is small.

Fnatic will need to learn more champions, preferably meta champions, if they want to survive outside of EU.

Objectives: C+ 

Objectives, whether it's a wind or ocean drake, should not be ignored. Throughout the series, out of the twenty dragons that spawned, Fnatic took two. It destroyed them in their late game because they did not have the extra stats that the other teams prioritized to help their scaling, and it seemed that the only objectives they cared about were turrets and Baron.

Although, they did great at securing said objectives when they were able to get picks or fights, so kudos there.

Vision Control: C+

Casters mentioned it time and time again; EU lacks vision control and Fnatic showcased it. It allowed teams to get picks and objectives uncontested. The objective game is crucial as it could have informed them of the incoming ganks and more, but they failed to both clear wards as well as place them.

They did try, however, and there was a small improvement over the course of the tournament. We can only hope to see it on par with at least the NA teams as we get closer to Worlds.

Team Fighting: A

While they did not win, Fnatic's team fighting was on point. They lacked the damage due to the gold difference to change the outcome of their games, but when they were grouped and played together, it made all the difference. If they had the damage, they would win the fights more often than not. 

Overall, I think this is one of Fnatic's absolutely terrifying points when they have the damage.

Overall: B-

While the scores I wrote above do not calculate to my final grade, I'm choosing to give them a higher grade because despite all odds, they played their best. They were simply outclassed and/or out-scaled by the NA teams in almost every manner thanks to their drafts. 

Becoming more flexible and learning new strategies will be imperative to their success in the Summer Playoffs and potentially Worlds.