​Twitch, the live streaming titan and all-around esports media giant, recently made a hilarious mistake in a promotional tweet for the huge fighting game tournament, EVO 2017. Fans of the Street Fighter series have (in general) found the slip-up amusing, but some fans are taking the error personally.

The mistake has to do with perhaps the most iconic move in Street Fighter history. That's right: I'm talking about the iconic uppercut anti-air, the Shoryuken. See for yourself: 

​​Someone at Twitch let this tweet go out with the wrong motion for Shoryuken. Anyone who has played the Street Fighter franchise would, of course, know that the move is performed with a unique forward, down, down-forward motion combined with a punch input. Twitch's tweet has the move as Forward, Down-Back, Forward (again!?). 

Some have pointed out that perhaps a non-fan was commissioned to draft this tweet, and simply misinterpreted the understandably vague image from Command List within the game.

Regardless of the reason, the slip-up has been the subject of ridicule among fans of Street Fighter games and the Twitch streaming platform. With a company like Twitch, it's hard to imagine how such a recognizable mistake made it to Twitter, but one thing's for sure: it's absolutely hilarious.