​Anyone who watches competitive Street Fighter has likely heard of competitor, personality, and overall FGC legend, Alex Valle. Once a consistent top competitor in the old days of Street Fighter, his influence on the scene continues to this very day.

Back when EVO wasn't even called EVO, Valle was no stranger to competing, with several first place finishes and consistent top placings at the turn of the century. 

His resumé doesn't end there, defeating top competitor Masato "Bonchan" Takahashi in Ultra Street Fighter IV at EVO 2015:

​​In a trip down memory lane, Alex Valle recently reflected on an old photo from a bygone era of Street Fighter, featuring several other players from both the old-school era and the modern scene:

​​The most recognizable person in the photo is FGC legend and Twitch streamer, Justin Wong, along with a younger Valle, and more old-school legends. What a throwback!