If you're following the rivalry between North America and Europe, you no doubt already know how Rift Rivals turned out. However, if you wish to further prove how inferior Europe is using specific stats, this infographic posted by Riot is for you.

The infographic lets you know right off the bat that North America was superior in gold and objectives. You've probably heard that Europe seemed to not prioritize dragons, but the number of dragons slain is a whopping 46-20 in favor of North America.

Next, you get to see the champion picks of the tournament. If you thought Zac would fall off due to his recent nerfs, you may be convinced otherwise by Zac's 100% pick and ban rate (of which all but one game are bans). Caitlyn shared that statistic, with 17 bans and 4 picks.

Also noteworthy are Jarvan IV and Kassadin, who managed to have a 100% win rate over four games.

Finally, the infographic displays top players in several categories, and here there is some solace to be found for fans of Europe. Not, perhaps, in the most deaths category, but in the most ward placed per minute category.

While the stats don't look flattering for Europe, such is the rivalry between the two regions - one gloats for a while until the other shows up and one-ups them. We can only look forward to seeing how they match up the next time they meet.

Image courtesy of lolesports