Shaking things up to break the predictability, the tournament organizers at PGL have revealed that they are doing a new system for teams to ban and choose maps to compete in.

Yesterday teams competing in this tournament were sent the rules on this new system, in which the higher seeded team from the Swiss group stage will now have two consecutive bans, proceeding to the other team having three consecutive bans. 

Proceeding from there, the higher seed will be able to have the choice of a map from the remaining two. However, the lower seed will still be able to choose the side they will start in.

This new format eliminates the randomness that other tournaments have in the map choice. However, it is now perceived that the higher-seeded team will have an innate advantage, as they will be able to directly choose the map that their opponent might be weaker on. Some might find this unfavorable, but it should give an advantage to the team that has worked the hardest over the past couple of weeks. We should see fewer upsets or at least fewer nonsensical upsets.