Heo "Gambler" Jin Woo, one of Korea's best support players, is leaving LW Blue and likely Overwatch as a whole after a chronic medical condition has reached its tipping point for the player. The 18-year-old Lucio main has decided to step down from the team permanently in order to recover from the damage wrought by continuing to play through the condition known as Vocal cord edema. 

Vocal cord edema, sometimes known as "Reinke's edema" is the swelling of the vocal cords in a manner likened to that of laryngitis and is generally caused by smoking, overuse of the vocal cords, gastroesophageal reflux, and hypothyroidism. In Gambler's case, it seems that the chronic condition has been with him since childhood. 

Gambler played on the LW Red team from the dawn of the team until making the move to LW Blue upon its inception. Gambler has been an integral part in the shaping of South Korea's pro Overwatch scene, so his presence will be deeply missed as he takes the necessary time to recover. Gambler is yet to make a statement as to whether he will ever be returning to the competitive esports world. Either way, we wish him luck in his future endeavors. 

Photo courtesy of Dot Esports