The numbers are out for EVO's pot size for each of the respective titles held and for several the results are a bit alarming. While it's no surprise the Street Fighter V stands tall with the most entrants and the largest prize pool with 76,220 on the line, Smash is lacking severely

Smash 4 and Melee being both games with the second and third most entrants would be expected to have a prize pool reflecting exactly that. Instead, the two are near the bottom of the barrel with Melee being at dead last.

Several point fingers at Nintendo, claiming that the game's lack of developer report means that the pot has no outside influences increasing the stakes.

Nintendo has stated in the past that they very much want to keep the Smash scene grassroots and that they love that it comes from humble beginnings.

Now, 14,280 is still a sizable amount of money to compete for but this is only further promoting the idea that several other tournaments are doing what EVO does but infinitely better for the Smash scene. With events with substantially larger prize pools like GT-X and Redbull's Gods & Gatekeepers coming up only more evidence will be thrown to support this claim.