Despite losing out on the grand prize, Team EnVyUs is still one of the most winningest teams of the OGN Apex series. And, they still are ranked number five in the world according to Gosugamers' ranking system.

Many fans have been rallying against team EnVyUs after their loss in OGN Apex Season 3, stating that the team wasn't sufficiently prepared for Korea's dive meta. However, few realize how impressive their final standing is, with the other non-Korean team, Rogue, having an abysmal finish in the dive-dominant Korean meta. 

The Season 1 of the OGN Apex tournament winners has struggled to keep morale high, as Timo "Taimou" Kettunen continuously seems to perform despite clear indications that he no longer wants to play competitive Overwatch. 

And, being in enemy territory, EnVyUs has had an uphill battle on several fronts. Their ability and resolve to have a fourth place finish in the latest Apex season can be likened to the storming of the beaches on D-Day— a fight completely stacked against the well-positioned enemy, having to win a fight against in an unknown and difficult terrain, and still performing despite it all. Those who have been painting the team in a negative light as of late are definitely in the wrong. 

Photo courtesy of Team EnVyUs